Alma N. Sanchez
Tom Frasier
Greeley Central High School


I get into a limousine
The road seems endless and I start to get uncomfortable
12 hours later and we are alarmed, we’re at the border
A demand to pull down the curtains…
The chauffeur demands 1000 pesos from the imigrante
I hear money shuffling, I ask my mom
She put a finger over her mouth

It's time for lunch, we stop
I am told to take my purse, I stay close to my mom
There is a long line of hungry passengers inside
I take a look around, the environment is different
We have twenty minutes to eat
My mom had already ordered,
Quesadillas de Asadero with two Coca-Cola bottles
I look around, people everywhere, water is dripping

I am finished, I urge my mom outside
Something has caught my attention
I saw an array of colors, bracelets! I start to pick
3 bracelets for diez pesos
The rainy clouds close in
I get to my seat and study my bracelet

12 more hours to go