Aneliz Juarez 
Tom Frasier
Greeley Central High School

La Última Quinceañera

Un dos tres... un dos tres, 
a waltz I knew so well. 
Family watched in amazement,
as you gracefully danced
never missing a step, looking like 
a true princess. 
Pins and pins held your hair, 
curls that fell in waves, 
with makeup that made you feel 
like no other girl. 
On top of your head laid a crown,
shining under the light, 
everywhere you walked. 

You looked so pure, 
with a smile so bright, 
the stars would be jealous. 
The little girl everyone had come to known,
was now a young woman. 
Tears of pride, 
roll down your father’s face
as you waltzed with him. 
Your mother looks on, 
as she remembers the day
you were brought into this world. 
Pride and happiness is all they feel, 
para la última Quinceañera,
a feeling so wonderful on this special day. 

Like a butterfly, you take your wings, 
ready to fly. 
Dancing the night away,
looking beautiful,
like the roses in the church.
Forever you will remember this day.
Hoy cumples 15 años,
ya eres una mujer.