Daniela Fernandez
Mr. Flores
Greeley West High School

No hay mal que por bien no venga

We joke and laugh in the store
speaking our native tongue
They look at us with disgust,
like we’re a danger to them.
Many people run and fight their way
to the “ land of the free ”
Only to be looked down upon
for moving to protect their family,
As day of the dead is widely known
as a halloween costume
This day is a day where we remember
our lost loved ones,
As most Americans sit
 at family dinners
We sit and wonder
“when will our family be ripped from our arms?”
We represent those three colors with our lives
green, white, and red
They represent where we come from
Yet some call us
drug dealers.
Still our people come together
and we fight those stereotypes,
bigotry, and hatred
We celebrate our culture
colors, excitement, and love.