Brooklyn Quintana

Teachers: Mr. Flores and Mrs. Winter, Greeley West High School

I love you for Infinity

Sometimes i sit in silence and think about the past
I think about what I could’ve done differently..
My eyes won’t shut until sunrise, then I can rest a bit
Insomnia is holding me as hostage
As my eyes drift to sleep

*ring* *ring*
The school bell rings,
I get up and walk to my next class, I come across her, and her golden hair, as she ignores me and runs down the stairs.
I thought nothing of it

At the end of the day, I get up to leave - as I check my bag, I see a note.., from her.
She told me everything from her point of view, as a numbing confusion came over me

I run and try to find her, when I decide to leave to go home- I get a text. From her.

I’m sorry, but I think this friendship needs a break- you know what you did so don’t try to act innocent. I’m afraid that we can’t be friends anymore, goodbye.

My cheeks feel wet and salty, then that’s when I realize that I'm crying. I stand there in the cold afternoon- feeling mad and sad, emotions that I can’t explain.

To this day , I don’t know what happened.
I fell into a dark place.
Couldn’t sleep.
Couldn’t eat.
Only pain,
All the trust,
All the memories,
                        gone .  .  .
A part of me died that day, as the last petal on this rose had finally fallen..

I learned to let that go, as I met some new people
Sure, I was with the ‘right’ crowd.
They cheered me up sometimes, but
I cut them off.
Like she did with me.

Friendship comes and goes, but you don’t need them.
All you need is a strong personality and family to care for yourself
Find the right group and you could have a blast, in the cold, body of water- with the sand in between your toes.
The friendship might last, until it comes to an end.

Today I am better
than ever,
laughing and smiling from being a pile of shattered glass.
I don’t need those memories,
I got people by my side,
standing with me, not in front of me
or behind me
Or leaving me in the dust,
            all alone…
                        and scared…

I snap back into reality
Knowing that i’m left with nothing else but these crippling memories,
Knowing that I survived the trauma,
I keep them locked away for safekeeping ♥

                                                              “I Love You for Infinity.”