Daisha Morales

Teacher: Mr. Frasier, Greeley Central High School

I Am

Through a tainted image in the mirror
Cracked and broken, I
ask myself “Who are you?”

Who am I? Wh- who am I? I think to myself.
I’m supposed to be of a golden race
Where both sides do not claim me.

The race that says “you’re too whitewashed,”
“You’re not brown or Mexican enough.”
The one that says I don’t know the language
So I can’t be Mexican.

The race that says “you’re too Mexican for us.”
The one that gives opportunity but deprived me of
The Spanish language out of shame.

The Mexican-American race that is
Hard to please and satisfy.
The race that tells me
“you are a disgrace.”

But, the cracked and broken reflection says something
Else. The reflection of me says:

You wear your braids tight in remembrance of
Your Native side. You wear your freckles and light
Skin with pride in the Spanish bloodline of your

Waving the American flag high with pride and
Honor because of your freedoms.

You have the dark eyes that were passed down to you
By the many migrant workers from your
Mother and Father’s bloodline.

And don’t forget the broad shoulders that
Once carried the wounded off Aleutian Island, before
The ultimate sacrifice was made.

“You are a strong people!” It says.
So you ask me who or what I am and with my
Banda music playing I will answer, Soy Chicana.
I am A strong people!

A strong people that will forever rise. I am Chicana.