Elver Vicente

Teacher: Mr. Frasier, Greeley Central High School

   El Sueño Americano

It was clear to me that when I was born,
We didn't have food, nor money to buy what we needed
My family always working hard
When it’s raining, windy, or bad weather outside
that wouldn't stop them from taking something to the table to eat.
Growing up always looking at my mom
as a dad and mom figure.
Our president was a corrupt
He wouldn't care for the people in need.
Many people would fight for land,
so they can plant corn.
A Lot of people decided to move
And live el sueño americano “American dream”
So my mom decided to do the same thing.
Like every mother would want for their kids
my mom decided to give me a better future,
and that was moving to the United States
Leaving everything behind,
her culture, family, and loving ones.
Like every immigrant, on her way here
she suffered hunger, cold, and  thirst
But the most important thing is that
She never gave up
She told me that it wasn't easy but she did it for me.
So I can have a better future and education,
and so I can have everything I need.