Guadalupe Lucero

Teacher:  Mr. Flores, Greeley West High School


Y O U preach Hispanic culture
But you don't know our struggle
You P R E A C H Hispanic culture
But in your minds we’re
“Gangbangers and drug dealers”
You wear our jewelry
 and native clothing
Never bothering to learn the significance.
You say Spanish is beautiful
But belittle your mothers broken English
You preach H I S P A N I C culture.
You want a promiscuous Latina
But be the first to stereotype Hispanic women as
Loud, hot tempered, and vain
My people are suffering
We work day to night to provide for your country
But you do nothing.
You preach Hispanc C U L T U R E..
We stand for your pledge
“I pledge my soul”
B U T on the streets were being told
“Go back to your country!”
Our fathers saw our futures
Being destroying on stolen land
O N L Y to be ripped away from our hands
No, we’re not dangerous
No, we don't always eat tacos
My people A T their knees
Begging to be heard..
You don't hear them?
       You preach Hispanic culture but only at Y O U R  C O N V E N I E N C E