Jasmin Conde Castillo. 

Teacher: Mr. Frasier, Greeley Central High School

The beautiful grass and flowers
In which I sat playing
With my toys and my fantasies
Never thought the day would
Become gray and sad
I thought nothing bad of it,
Only wished for it to become beautiful
Again to match the grass and flowers
I continued to play,
Only to hear the screams of my mother
I wished that I could
Forget those terrified screams
I ran inside looking for my mother,
My voice, sounding terrified and sad
Called out for my mother,
“Mom? Where are you?”
I ran to the front of the house
And saw some men
I did not know taking my mother
The day began to shed tears
I ran toward the car in those tears
The care was black and had bars
On the windows with a word
I had never seen before “ice”
Left alone in the
Gray and sad day.
Never to see my mother again.