Jayden Gies.

Teacher: Mr. Lothspeich, Greeley West High School


Happy, then sad, her 9 years of happiness ended.
Her imagination faded-
She knew more than the average 9 year old.
She felt alone most of the time-
Even in a room full of people.
Her life was a mess-
But she pretended it was a fairytale.
She wanted her life to be normal-
But it was far from that.
It wasn’t until she was 12-
Her life would be so much different.
Something everyone goes through.
But in her eyes-
Nothing felt worse than this.
Her heart broke-
And she didn’t think it would ever come back to a whole.
She couldn’t handle grief.
As it built up-
She shut down.
She didn’t know how to act.
This was the first time she has ever felt something like this.
Everything changed.
For the better?
Things just got worse.
This feeling never ended.
People kept leaving.
After year-
After year.
She was beginning to fear.
She began to ask herself-
“Why me?”
“What else could possibly happen?”
There are endless possibilities.
Each night felt like the Seattle rain.
Sad and infinite.
Little did she know-
She had so much to look forward to.
Her future-
Her family-
Her career
Her future looked as bright as the stars in the night sky.
She thought her goals were unreachable.
But she could handle anything.
She made it through the worst
To this day-
She still struggles
But she will always push through.
Because in the end-
The pain always turns into something greater.