Yessica Lopez

Teacher: Mr. Lothspeich, Greeley West High School

This Isn’t You

 I always told myself ever since i was a child, never be like your father.
I would avoid going out the same way robbers on a heist avoid cameras.
I stayed in school
I listened to my mother
Treated my peers with respect
And loved like there was no other
So why am I drowning?
I never understood why he held a six pack of bud light and tequila closer to his heart than his own children
But now I've opened my eyes to a new world of giggles, happiness and lust.
I learned to let go, but why am I still so angry?
Outbursts one day tears the next.
One drink has turned into three, and three turned into a pint, and a pint turned into a 3 day bender.
What happened to daddy’s little girl who cried when she left his side?
Well she's long gone just like your liver, dad
I’ve begun to take it out on everyone but him.
It's not my fault that he’s not around
Only now i've realized what i'm doing 
I am taking the same steps, only i'm 16 and he was 26
I'm in too deep
Why do I do this to myself and still expect pity from others?
How do I expect to live my life so miserably?
I'm not addicted, I am nothing like my father.
LIES ALL LIES ! and you know it
After all, you are your father’s daughter.