Suzanne Bronson has been published in various print and web journals, including Beginnings Magazine, Perspective Magazine, GTG Notes, Farmingdale Writer's Review, and the Grapevine Press.

Her book of 42 evocative poems is called Passion Play. This collection is divided between "Passion" an assortment of love poems and "Play" observations of other aspects of life.

Suzanne is currently a member of the Aspen Poets Society, Co-Founder of the Oasis Poetry Society, and a member of the West Rockies Writers' Club.

She is also working with the artist, Stephanie Amos (SAMOS). This collaborative effort has brought several poems to life on canvas.  Suzanne has also collaborated with Caole Lowry and Stephanie Amos for a performance art piece called The Medicine Wheel for the May 2008 Renegade Art Show.

Suzanne has made appearances on KAFM radio, the Planet Earth Gallery, and over the internet on Blog Talk Radio for Dreamtime Radio.

Suzanne has a degree in fine arts from SUNY New York College.

A native New Yorker, she now resides in Colorado with her husband, Larry, and their two children.