I  am an undergraduate student  majoring in Biology  in the University of Boulder. I had been writing poems on mental issues and teenage problems. I  am  a writer on health issues for Thrive Global owned by Arianna Huffington and had published poems like A Prince with my Last Name  (as a tribute to women on International Women’s Day)  in March 2017 and  Fighting Depression on the occasion of  World Health Day in April 2017. One of my articles Be Open with Depression—It Helps to keep the Conversation going! was also published on Thrive Global. Recently one of my poems EDEN got published in Tajmahal Review, Volume 16, NUMBER 1,June 2017. My other poems, Shh..Books at Work!   and Am I Weird ? got publishedon Poets Unlimited. I currently serve as Poetry Editor for Honors Journal, Cu Boulder’s prestigious annual interdisciplinary, student-run publication sponsored by the Honors Program under the supervision of a faculty sponsor and the Director of the Honors Program. 

Although born in Madison, Wisconsin, I was raised in India  for a decade which gave me a firsthand exposure to  illiteracy, superstitions and  poverty prevalent around me. The exposure made me appreciate for all the little things that we usually take it for granted. I would like to serve the community and create an awareness that mental illness is not a stigma and people suffering  should be open about it  to be able to get timely help.

Apart from poetry, I like playing and composing music and is an active Piano Player for cultural activities on the campus and also volunteer as Piano Player in the main lobby of CU Health, medical campus during summers. I am also involved in Research  on Diabetes at CU Heath, Anschutz Campus and  Boulder Campus.