I was born in Pomona, California September 28, 1950, and grew up in Chino, a few miles away. I graduated from Chino High School in 1968. At the age of three, I was struck with polio. With the help of intense physical therapy and lots of support, I was left with no physical damage.

I attended Chaffey Community College & received an A.S. in Geology in 1970. During my time at Chaffey, I began to visit the local mountains and desert, falling in love with them. I spent a lot of time hiking and rock collecting.

In 1975, I took my first job as a chemical lab technician and worked in the field of Analytical Chemistry for the next 23 years, analyzing coal products, gold & silver ores, specialty gas mixtures, environmental water samples, and finally, generic pharmaceuticals.

I married in 1980 and moved to Phelan, near Victorville, in the Mojave Desert, where we set up a small mobile home with a wind generator, solar electric panels, a generator, a wood stove, and a propane refrigerator. We had water delivered to the property and stored it in a 1000 gallon galvanized tank. We lived a mile off the paved road.

My daughter Terra was born in 1986. By that time, our property was serviced by power & telephone lines, and a water main.

I returned to school in 1984 and received an A.S. in Computer Science from Victor Valley College, Victorville, CA in 1987. I continued at Cal State San Bernardino for two semesters until my wife’s health began to deteriorate and I had to quit.

We moved to Denver in 1991 due to my wife’s health. In 1992 we separated and
in 1995, we divorced.

At the age of 42, as I began to find and re-read pieces I had stashed in different places over the years, I realized I had always been a writer and I began writing seriously, producing poetry, song lyrics, essays, and articles. In 1998, I began a new career as a technical writer contracting.