Leta G. McDonald is a semi-retired Jungian Therapist.  In 2000 she completed a book of her poetry and water color paintings as part of the requirements for a doctorate from the Union Institute.  In this book, MANDALA MOON, she strove to honor and exemplify the feminine archetype, the focus of her doctoral work.  Since then, her poetry has continued to stress subjective themes.

Her work as one of five editors for the poetry journal HeartLodge requires much of her time, especially in the spring when she designs and formats the journal.  Then she is able to again combine her artistic and poetic skills.

She has also taken part in several shows of Braided Lives: A Collaboration Between Artists and Poets, held in Taos, Denver, San Francisco and Taos.  The fun of reading one’s poetry to a receptive audience is addicting.  . 

Presently she lives with her husband Phil and cat Sophie in a condo by Denver’s Cheesman Park, and hopes the quiet view attracts her muse.