Victor W. Pearn was educated at the University of Illinois, Springfield (BA), and the University of Colorado, (MA). 1984 Coloradan Poetry Award.

His first collection of poems was Devil Dogs and Jarheads (Busca, Inc. Ithaca, NY, 2003). His second volume is Apricot Harvest (Indian Paintbrush Poets. CO,2012).

In 2005 at Boulder, Colorado he began publishing print-on-demand books. His company Pearn and Associates, Inc., has two imprints: Indian Paintbrush Poets, for poetry, and Burning Daylight, for prose. In the last 14 years he has published 39 titles, which are currently in print from writers all across America, and over 15 Kindle electronic books. Pearn and Associates may be found on Facebook. 

He taught English 2009-2010 at Jining University in China.

His poems have been read on the “Writer’s Almanac” four times by Garrison Keillor.