I have a law degree and a Masters in Creative Writing. I have published a poetry collection, What Remains (Turkey Buzzard Press, 2018) and a chapbook, Restitching the Sky. I am author of the novel, My Sisters Made of Light (Press 53; 2010), a finalist in literary fiction for the Colorado Book Award and was a AAUW selection of the month.   I was co-editor of Beyond Portia:  Women, Law & Literature in the United States (Northeastern UP 1997).  I was News Poetry Editor of The Colorado Independent until it closed last year.

My poetry has been published by Ms., Chrysalis Reader, The Denver Quarterly, Tumblewords:  Writers Reading the West, Empire Magazine, The Bloomsbury Review, Disturbing the Peace, Texas Journal on Women and the Law, and Harvard Women’s Law Journal, The Denver Post, Chokecherries, and others. 

My poetry awards include; Ziggies (blues) Poet of the Year; Poetry, Columbine Poetry Society (several awards) The Colorado Lawyer Poetry Contest; Clinical Legal Education Association Creative Writing Award; Fellowship in Literature (poetry), Colorado Council on the Arts fellowship, Traveling Gourds,  Thomas Hornsby Ferril Poetry Contest, Denver Press Club; Rocky Mountain Women's Institute Associate Award; Battrick Poetry Prize, University of Colorado.