Artist's Statement

Born and raised in New England, I majored in music at Bryn Mawr, spent several years in New York City and at the Aspen Music School studying classical voice.  I moved to Colorado during the civil rights and anti-war years of the late 1960s.  It was a flight to simplicity--living weeks at a time on horseback in the mountains, cooking over a fire, and sleeping on the ground.  I still cook for an outfitter, when I can.

I have degrees in education and ministry from the University of Northern Colorado and the Iliff School of Theology.  I am a neo-Jungian and work with clients to support the exploration of nooks and crannies of unconscious life.  Making poems is part of the same process, for me.

I have three grown children and four grands – the best in the world, of course!  I no longer sing professionally, but poetry has become another kind of singing, one that challenges me to use my voice in a more essential way than performing ever could have done. 

Poems have appeared in several literary journals, including Pilgrimage, Progenitor, HeartLodge, The Sophia, Sow’s Ear, Tiger’s Eye, Voices Rising, and Wyoming: the Hub of the Wheel.