Poet, fiction writer and performer SETH openly admits to having a love affair with language. His passion for words, particularly the rhythms and sounds of speech, extends not only to his craft but to his presentation. SETH has made a career carving out creative ways of presenting his poetry and short fiction.

As one of Colorado’s best known performance poets, SETH has collaborated with countless musicians, poets, actors, dancers and other performance artists in a never-ending quest to render poetry more entertaining, and thus more accessible, to general audiences. Over the years he has garnered several awards for his pioneering efforts to meld spoken word with the other performance art forms. SETH lives in Denver where he currently spearheads Art Compost & the Word Mechanics, an improvisational poetic-musical ensemble which invites other poets to join them every Sunday night at the Mercury Café.

A published short story writer, with his first novel in the hands of an agent, SETH’s poetry is found mainly on CDs, video or experienced live. He teaches creative writer, poetry, storyteller and acting in the Denver Public School system and surrounding area.