Colorado Poets Center E-Words Issue #11

New Pikes Peak Laureate Announced


Colorado Springs poet and author of Sunfire and The Crack of Dawn, Jim Ciletti, was named the new Pikes Peak Poet Laureate in April, 2010. He’s the president of Poetry West and co-owner of Hooked on Books in Colorado Springs and teaches creative writing classes at the Fremont Correctional Facility. His work in the latter capacity was featured in an interview in E-Words #4, available on the CPC site as an archived issue.

His plans as laureate include launching a local poetry website and establishing poetry circles with readings in private homes, as well as promoting local ethnic and cultural diversity through poetry events.

“I am virtually ecstatic,” Ciletti said, about being appointed. “My goal is to help audiences, young and old alike, enjoy a new appreciation of poetry.”

The previous laureate, and the first for this award, was Aaron Anstett, one of whose projects was “Poetry While You Wait,” an anthology of local poets made available in public places.