The Colorado Poet, #20, Fall 2012

Writing News

(Bob King) Please remember I want to post your publications (books, single poems, awards, etc.) along with other tidbits under ‘Writing News.” Here’s a sample from the current page to give you the flavor.

Don Wentworth, editor of The Lilliput Review, has a review of Colorado poet Ayaz Daryl Nielsen’s tumbleweeds still tumbling.  Nielsen also edits the little mag bear creek haiku and writes for

For winner of 2012 National Book Award in Poetry, see "Announcements."

Jenne R. Andrews has announced that she will have three poems in the winter issue of The Passionate Transitory.

Joe Hutchison provides this link to an L. A. Times story on the poet Jack Gilbert who passed away Nov. 13, 2012.,0,595643.story

New Colorado Poets Center member Amber Koneval announces the release of Drunk Dialing the Divine. It's $2.49, available in MOBI, EPUB, HTML and PDF files from, straight to the Kindle from Amazon, and will be soon available for the Nook from B&

A favorable review by David Miller of Michael Adams’ If You Can Still Dance With It: Stone Belly & Cold Mountain Poems can be found at:

Kit Frick is the featured poet in Steven D. Schroeder’s Anti- #95.

Daniel Klawitter has two poetry chapbooks, Runaway Muse and An Epistemology Of Flesh, as print-on-demand titles. Both are available for just $5 each on his Author's Page:

Working with Found Poems? See a call for submissions in "Announcements."

In the Nov. 5th Poem-of-the-Day from Rattle, Sandra Knauf writes a review of Jessy Randall’s recent Injecting Dreams into Cows.

The Nov./Dec. issue of Colorado Life featured work by Julie Shavin, Daniel Klawitter, Uche Ogbuji, and Dan Guenther.)

Kathleen Willard's poem "Their Letters" has been anthologized in Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors. This poem was about her father's tour of duty in Vietnam.

We must work to lose control when control has become too limiting, just as we must assert more vigorously the presence of choice to counter a too great loss of control. The making of poems is in constant tack between these two poles and there will always be poems that fail in this zigzag sail.

Dean Young, (The Art of Recklessness)