The Colorado Poet, #21, Winter 2012

We've Got Your Writing News

On the Colorado Poets Center site, items are usually added once or twice a week or more often (I was going to say ‘almost daily’ as that’s what it feels like) under “Writing News.” On-line now are announcements of the postponement of The Scarlet Letter opera with David Mason librettist and where to get the libretto itself, electronic news and work by Uche Ogbuji, Wendy Videlock’s continuing presence in Poetry, and David Rothman as official “Humorist” for Colorado Public Radio.

Other Colorado poets with writing news include Joe Hutchison, M. D. Friedman, David Feela, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Suzanne Bronson, Marilyn Krysl, Roseanne Sterne, Steven D. Schroeder, Julie Shavin, Jared Smith, Claudia Putnam, Sasha Steensen, Lawrence Gladeview, and Stewart S. Warren. I list these names to make you aware of the activity we’re all involved in and the timeliness of the “Writing News” section on the site.

Have a Prose Piece on Poetry?

After the modest beginnings of the Colorado Poets Center we began a newsletter in 2007. Since then, we’ve published prose pieces on writing and poetry and other subjects by Marilyn Krysl, Martin Bulgach, Kathryn Winograd, Joe Hutchison, Lary Kleeman, Jim Ciletti, Serena Chopra, Juan Morales, Aaron Anstett, Laurie Wagner Buyer, and Linda Keller.

Sometimes these were written for The Colorado Poet and submitted; sometimes they were solicited; sometimes they were taken from a writer’s website as in this issue with Joe Hutchison. We understand having an essay here may count as “publishing” thus ending the market-life of your piece¬† and that you’d prefer to submit, say, to The Kenyon Review directly.

But if you’ve got an itch to write a short essay about something connected to our concerns, please contact me and then do so. Or mention a piece you have on your own website and give permission to reprint it here. Our fellow Colorado poets are interested in what you have to say in prose about our writing lives.

“Poets by Region” Changed

You probably haven’t noticed this but we’ve changed the boundaries when we list poets by regions on the home page. The NSEW of the compass didn’t seem to fit Colorado, as Art Goodtimes pointed out to Bob King last year.

We’ve followed his recommendations to identify the regions as Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, Northwest, and “metro” which includes Aurora, Boulder, Denver, Lafayette, Littleton, and others.

We agree with Art that “this pretty much fits the political areas, as it works for our state county association. and i think it better defines communities of interest.”¬† Many of the distinctions, Art thinks, “are tied by geography, roads and culture.”

How Many Colorado Poets?

We now have 172 published poets of Colorado on the website. Every month or so another poet hears about it. If you know a poet who meets the publishing criteria (book, chapbook, or 5 published poems) and would be interested in being represented, let them know about the site.


In the last issue your editor typed the name “Louise Simpson” in Kathryn Winograd’s essay rather than Louis Simpson.