The Colorado Poet, #22, Spring 2013

Colorado Presses: 
Mercury HeartLink Press

This begins a quarterly series on Colorado presses. We sent the same five questions to the presses we knew about and will feature responses from Mud Luscious, Liquid Light, Wolverine Farm, Turkey Buzzard, Conundrum,and Elixir. Let us know others we missed in the first round. Stewart Warren heads up this press, which recently published A Black Odyssey: Collected Poems by SETH, at

1. When and how did this press start?

Established in 1994, Mercury HeartLink evolved from HeartLink Integration Therapy, a family systems counseling practice and healing events enterprise.  At that time activities were expanded to include Internet based projects and digital printing/presentation solutions that foster humanistic values and access to creative information.  Some of this earlier work included Digital Storytelling and other form of multimedia.  Assisting writers and other artists in understanding and utilizing computer technologies and helping them share their creations in the community has always been at the core of Mercury HeartLink.

The publishing of perfect bound books started in 2005 and by 2010 had become a primary thrust of activity for Mercury HeartLink.  Heartlink’s primary address is on the Internet at, but it has maintained offices in various towns in both northern New Mexico and Colorado.  A majority, but not all, of its clientele are from this region.

 2. What do you see as its mission?

As an alternative to large commercial publishing houses and the unguided and less professional endeavors of self-publishing, Mercury HeartLink works closely with emerging and established authors to offer solutions that are client-centered, providing support in the larger realm of self-realization.  While self-publishing platforms are often used, there remains a clear distinction in the level of personalization and degree of quality between online, cookie cutter book shops and the artistic expertise at Mercury HeartLink.

Mercury HeartLink welcomes individual and collaborative works of educational, cultural and community value. These may include creative non-fiction, memoir and poetry, but most have two things in common: an authenticity on the part of the author and a responsibility to positive social impact.  Sometimes it’s about the message, but moreover it’s about the intent of the writer.

Each artist requires unique and specialized assistance as they present their creations to the world; it is with this understanding that pacing, guidance and encouragement are offered, timelines are adjusted and training given.

3 Is there something you think of as unique for this press?

Once a title, be it memoir, poetry, body-mind-spirit or art book, is released the transaction with Mercury HeartLink is complete.  100% of all royalties go directly to the author who is then empowered to place orders for books and to market their art in any way they choose.  That being so, Mercury HeartLink provides consulting about shifting and emerging Internet technologies and practices.  Websites, blogs, and print marketing materials are available upon request.

There are no illusions here about making instant rock stars of writers.  A variety of services, however, are available that will assist writers according to their own ambitions and style of engaging their audience.  Many authors find the marketing phase of the process very healing in respects to their relationship to self and their relationship to the world in which they live.  There are often several challenges when one moves from the relatively isolated act of writing to having a public voice.  Mercury HeartLink’s  role is to provide resources and creativity coaching when necessary.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the time from start to completion for a book project varies with each author, but aligning with each writer’s process is an important part of what goes on in the making of a book.  While turn-around times (from receiving a manuscript to having books on your doorstep) can be as quick as 24 days, the quality of product and experience should surpasses all other motivations.  Sometimes an artist needs to set projects aside and let things come in natural waves, and at other times they can use a gentle nudge from someone holding the bigger picture.  It’s all so personal.

4. How many titles are available and what are your plans/hopes for the future?

At the end of 2012 Mercury HeartLink has 28 titles that are available through online sales channels, and several manuscripts that are in various stages of completion.  Most of these books are POD (Print On Demand).  A few titles have been made available on Kindle.  Electronic publication is something that Mercury HeartLink can provide and intends to do more of but print media is presently the focus.  There’s just something about the look and feel of print on paper!

5. What’s your submission policy?

Mercury HeartLink invites everyone to make inquiry.  Some of the most important work we’ll do will be that initial 20-30 minutes on the phone.  Due to the somewhat personal nature of publishing with Mercury HeartLink it’s impossible to answer the question “How much does it cost to make a book,” without having that interview.   After the initial, free consultation we’ll both know if  there is an opportunity for a working relationship.  After that assessment, an estimate for project management, layout, design, proofs, editorial services, and so forth, can be provided.  It’s about creating art, not about shopping the best deal for an oil change.

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