Colorado Poets Center E-Words Issue #6

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In November of last year, Poetry magazine devoted a section to “Visual Poets”, which includes Concrete Poetry, rubber-stamp poems, collage poems, computer-generated manipulation of words, and many other types. They do not “function as poems do,” says Geof Huth in his introduction, but they are “always poetic, always compelling the reader forward into the transformative power of language.

Robert King

Robert King

This February Poetry featured a portfolio of visual work responding to Hurricane Katrina by artist and poet Tony Fitzpatrick, single words pasted on a dazzling and complicated background. To find these images go to, click on current or past issues under “Poetry Magazine”. You could also check the Poets and Writers site:

In this issue, E-Words begins a series of interviews with Colorado poets who combine poetry (or language) with visual art and other arts.

M. D. Friedman uses computer-generated effects with language to produce what he calls digital poems, and Stephen Beal, poet and fiber artist, embroiders scenes with text.

On a different note, we interview Robert Cooperman on his latest book of narrative poetry, an Irish tale entitled A Tiny Ship Upon the Sea.