Critical Commentary

Nationally acclaimed poet Jim Moore, Invisible Strings, Graywolf Press 2011, writes of Andrews' new collection: "The underlying grace note of this book is love: love of all kinds, for the present body and the lost past, for the wandering surprises in a given moment, for the deep certainties and even deeper questions that both stain and illumine a life in poetry."

Dawn Potter, A Poet's Sourcebook: Writings on Poetry, from the Ancient World to the Present, Autumn House Press 2012, and Director, Conference on Poetry and Teaching, The Frost Place, comments, "Jenne Andrews' poems are saturated with color and with music. But more importantly, they overflow with feeling: a deep, unabashed commitment to the knife edge of joy and heartbreak.

"We are the small and temporal things appearing / in the corner of your eye when you flash past," she says. Such lines are a version of suffering; they rail against invisibility. Yet though she declares, "if I knew who I am, or who I ever was / or might become, I would be at rest," the reader understands that Andrews's restlessness is at one with her music. They are interwoven elements of her work and cannot be separated."