Some say we need to sing something,
as if singing anything is important
to this dance.  It’s as if
we have been set to music
and only we know the words.

If I say to you, “I love you”
it is not complete or adequate.
If I say “the song of this snow is exactly
the way I want to comfort you”
You will be right. The lyrics will not
cover you completely
and eventually they will fade away.

If I claim I am wind, I will scatter my words
and will not get them back.
I want you to chant them to me
when the moon is full.

There are other ways for us to sing.
For instance, if I am sunlight’s rays
I am warming your skin. My
fingertips dance in tune to our song.

Here you are,
holding your breath for just a second.

7th Honorable Mention, 2017, NFSPS
~Ride of My Life