The Wright Stuff

Love it or leave it, the Rednecks say.

And I’m all roots & getting redder. Here at Cloud Acre

looking South to Lone Cone.

Willow buds thick in the highway barrow ditch.

Late spring Asparagus & bottle blue Iris.


Each night listening for the arpeggio

tailfeather whistling of the Wilson Snipes

as they do the loop-to-loop.

Helping keep us Mosquito free

amid the irrigated wetlands of Maverick Draw.


In my own kept fields a volunteer orchard of summer

sour Cherry & 20-some fall varieties of heirloom seed

potatoes. Desiree. Ozette. Rose Finn Apple.

Winters it’s Sirius snapping at Orion's heel

on a rip across the milky night sky.


What better place to call home

than this high desert cloud mesa wrong turn

rippling of the continental plates

before they slap down

fanning towards the Coast?


Let others take the Plains. The Great Basin.

The indolent urban grids

where most our species thrives.

Give me raw rock. Mountains. Impossible cliffs.

Cedar. Piñon. Sage & the silvery blue Juniper.


Give me vistas free of rooflines.

Whole counties

without stoplights.

Give me sun in the window.

Water in the pond.


What works for the Wolf

works for me.

Food in the winter.

Range to roam in & miles & miles of

the more than human always wild.