Some of These Days (Poetry)
Conundrum Press, 2013
Old Man Laughing (Poetry)
Ghost Road Press, 2007
Stepping Twice into the River: Following Dakota Waters  (Creative Non-Fiction)
Univ. Press of  Colorado, 2005. A finalist for the 2005 Colorado Book Award

Poetry Chapbooks

In the Empty Mountains
Lithic Press, 2016
Rodan & Co.
Grayson Books, 2011
What It Was Like
Small Poetry Press Select Poets Series, 2003
Naming Names
Palanquin Press, 2001
Learning American
Frank Cat Press, 1998 
A Circle of Land
Dacotah Territory Press, 1990 (out-of-print)
Standing Around Outside
Bloodroot Press, 1970 (out-of-print)