Cheryl Loetscher writes from Littleton, Colorado, where she has worked as a family law paralegal for over 20 years. Her first chapbook, Unclaimed Baggage, appeared from Finishing Line Press in spring of 2007.

Her work has appeared in many journals, including Manzanita Quarterly, Pilgrimage, Sow’s Ear, Tiger’s Eye, Flint Hills Review, Ruah and others. Her poems have won prizes and distinctions in a number of literary contests across the United States (including recently the 2006 George F. Wedge Poetry Prize, the 2006 Wild Goose Poetry Review Prize, and the 2006 Litchfield Review Poetry Prize) and she is co-editor of HeartLodge, poetry magazine in its third year of publication. She has been five times a featured poet in the “Braided Lives” poetry and fine arts exhibitions sponsored by the Taos Institute of Art.