Short Biography

L. Luis Lopez received his Ph.D. in Medieval English Literature from the University of New Mexico. He received his M.A. from St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in Liberal Arts, and his B.A. in Secondary Education from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.

Dr. Lopez has received two NEH fellowships, one to study lyric poetry with Dr. Helen Vendler at Harvard, Summer 1983, and a second to study the literature of innocent ísuffering with Dr. Terrence Tilley ( Duke University) at St. Michael's College in Vermont.

Dr. Lopez is in his 44 th year of teaching, having taught high school in Tampa, Florida, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in Grand Junction, Colorado. He taught in the Academic Honors Program at the University of New Mexico and has been teaching Mythology, Latin, Ancient Greek, and the usual English writing courses at Mesa State College in Grand Junction, Colorado, where he has, until recently, served as Director of the Academic Honors Program.

 Dr. Lopez has published three books of poetry, Musings of a Barrio Sack Boy, A Painting of Sand, and the prize-winning 2008 volume,  Each Month I Sing.