Readings / Workshop Availability

Kevin can't serve food without endangering lives, but enjoys helping others write, name, plan, analyze, synthesize, and articulate. At least once a semester, he speaks to students about writing – usually at the University of Northern Colorado. He’s written on a wide range of topics, and can speak entertainingly on the following:

  • Dogs
  • Poetry
  • Geology
  • Colorado
  • Hot Springs
  • American Film
  • Irish Literature
  • American Music
  • Amateur Forestry
  • Corporate Poetics
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Names and Meanings
  • Creativity and Commerce
  • Storytelling Fundamentals
  • American Transcendentalism
  • Business Writing for Engineers
  • How to Write Artist's Statements
  • Survival Strategies for Imaginists

Kevin Patrick McCarthy
PO Box 96
Rollinsville, Colorado 80474
(303) 447-0275 (Office)
(303) 442-9963 (Cell)