El Cabeceo de Niwot

Whirl with me in this flatiron shade,
Spin yin-yang teardrops of our hips,
All limbs in strophe and antistrophe:
Firm as pine roots, supple as tulips.

Sway with me to the downslope winds
Tight to my rope cinched at silk mast
Of your bodice, our spread-sail canvas
Disdaining the stormy forecast.

Trip with me to the tumbleweed turn,
Our steps like seed-bearing branches,
Through restless legging of ''corrido''
And strains of Chalino Sánchez.

Vals with me to divide of bedrock,
Springs falling away upon both sides,
Even the moon in wax and wane
To fortnight beat about our Ides.

Flow with me along St. Vrain creek,
Mingling with the Poudre and Cherry;
We are the sweet-laden South Platter
Bobbing refreshment to the weary.

Romp with me through this foundling land
Sing your songs in our shared creole--
They're listening, those dancing bears,
Those elks engaged in caracole.

© Uche Ogbuji 2011

[Selected for presentation by the Poetry in Motion project of the Boulder International Fringe Festival, 2011]