The Dog's Good Eye

Now that I've rooted out all of you,
     (your sounds fingers scents)
          rooted out the smirk of moon
               and smack of sun
I am free, free

skulking in silence and dark
     no pulling, stretching me like taffy
          for the cracking and consuming
               no longer niche for endless
disappointment, need.

The underbellies of leaves
     speak now –
          slits of light in the withered fence
               timid neglected corners,
the dog's good eye.

Fledglings nest in my brain.
     The wind is clover.
          Rain gushes into me like
               a thousand droplets
of lover.

I am a rock
     that glints in the sun
          happy with rockness
                   a star happy with starness
dust with dust in dust as dust.

The heavens adopt me
     like an animal not their kin.
          I am baptized
               in the bludgeon of inner child,
that darling yes-thing.

Release is sweet
Like her blood.