Critical Commentary

“Firmly grounded in image and metaphor, Rosanne Sterne's  poetry takes us  below the surface of everyday life to reveal the extraordinary beauty in the simplest of ordinary things.  Her poems are sometimes joyous, sometimes poignant, mostly meditative and always thought-provoking.”

Judith Toler
Poet and Professor Emeritus of English

“Rosanne Sterne illuminates us with song.  She inhabits her words with the luminosity of a master artist.  She entreats us with hope, prophesies, the joys and passions of a life lived full of vibrant memories and unexpected creations for each of us who travel with her.  Join her and be refreshed.  Join her and be nourished.  Join her and be loved.”

James McGrath
Author of At the Edgelessness of Light, Speaking with Magpies, and Dreaming Invisible Voices