Poetry Collections

  • How the Garden Looks From Here, Snake Nation Press, 2004
  • The Light at the Edge of Everything, Anhinga Press, 2008


  • Traveling Among the Animals, Pudding House, 2002
  • In Places Without Time Nothing Hurries, Leaping Mountain Press, 1987, o.p.


  • In the Named World: The Poetry Show Anthology, Wolverine Farm Publishing, 2010
  • The Poets Guide to the Birds, Anhinga Press, 2009
  • Eating the Pure Light: Homage to Thomas McGrath, Backwaters Press, 2009.
  • The Gift of Experience, 10th Anniversary Anthology from Atlanta Review, forthcoming
  • Prayers to Protest: Poems That Center and Bless Us, Pudding House Publications, 1996
  • America‚Äôs Review: Writing of the Political Movements, 1994
  • Sleeping With Dionysus: Women and Addiction, Crossing Press, 1993
  • Men & Women, Together and Alone, The Spirit That Moves Us Press, 1988
  • Between Mondays, Commonword Press, Manchester, England, 1987