The Colorado Poet, #17, Winter 2012

Exercise: The Loon

In December, 20911, Pikes Peak Laureate Jim Ciletti put the following exercise on his blog, reprinted here as a suggestion for students.

“A fun warm-up exercise I use with young students is a form called “The Loon.” Starts out with an opening line: Think of me as; I wish were; If I were. Then—well, you’ll see by example:

Think of me as
a twirling ballerina
on your fingertip.

I wish I were
the green frog
who will be your prince.

Think of me
as the wealthiest person
in the world
living in a shack.

Young students often write Loons far more bizarre than mine here. This exercises makes an easy transition into poems that “flip” in the last line and give you something you don’t expect—which is why we read on or want more.”