The Colorado Poet, #27, Summer 2014

New Feature on Homepage

(Bob King)

Coming soon on the CPC homepage will be an Index to Interviews published in The Colorado Poet for any future uses. Clicking on the index will give you the names and URLs for the following Colorado poets we’ve interviewed:

Michael Adams, Brian Barker, Kathryn Bass, Dan Beachy-Quick, Stephen Beal, Nicky Beer, Suzanne Bronson, Laurie Wagner Buyer, Julie Carr, Jim Ciletti, Jack Collom, Robert Cooperman, M.D. Friedman, Wayne Gilbert;

Karen Glenn, Art Goodtimes, Janice Gould, Dan Guenther, Valerie Haugen,
Chris Hoffman, Joseph Hutchison, David Keplinger, Bob King, Kate Kingston, Daniel Klawitter, Lary Kleeman, Marilyn Krysl, Lynda LaRocca, David Mason, Maria Melendez, Tony Moffeit, Bill Notter,  Veronica Patterson, Renee Podunovich, Chris Pusateri, Jessy Randall;

Chris Ransick, Bin Ramke, David Rothman, SETH, Jared Smith, Barbara Ellen Sorensen, Dona Luongo Stein, Eleanor Swanson, Bill Tremblay, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Sandy Tseng, Seth Brady Tucker, Wendy Videlock, Stewart Warren, Katherine West, Phil Woods, and Jake Adam York.

I hope this index will allow easier access to this archival material by poets, writers, teachers, and the public.