The Colorado Poet, Issue #37, Fall 2023

Boulder R Gallery Readings

  • Sept19 2023 M.D. Friedman
  • October 17 2023 Katherine Indermaur
  • November 21 2023 Chloe Leisure
  • December 19 2023 Amy Irish
  • January 16 2024 Nancy Viera and Meca’Ayo
  • February 20 2024 David M. Perkins
  • March 19  2024 Art Goodtimes and Judyth HIll
  • April 16 2024 Stanley Zumbiel (Sacramento Poetry Center)
  • May 21 2024 Nicky Beer

New CPC Poets

Colorado Language Arts Society Presentation

Beth Franklin and Kathy Winograd will be making a presentation about how to use the Colorado Poets Center website in middle school and high school classrooms at the Colorado Language Arts Society Annual Conference on Saturday, October 14 in Denver.

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