Colorado Poets Center E-Words Issue #4

Oral Interviews Now on CPC Site

The Colorado Poets Center has added a new feature that might be of interest to poets as well as teachers and students in the language arts. A short announcement is expected in the next Statement, the magazine of the Colorado Language Arts Society with whom the CPC is engaging.

We’ve added onto the short oral interview (about six minutes each) with three Colorado poets, Lisa Zimmerman, Veronica Patterson, and Evan Oakley, on four topics you or your students might find interesting: “The First Thing a Young Poet Should Know,” “Where Do Poets Get Their Ideas?,” “How to Find Metaphors,”, and “Why is Poetry Important?” To hear these interviews, go to the Colorado Poets Center homepage, look for “Multimedia” on the left margin navigation and click on “Interviews.”

We hope to provide even more interview resources for poets, teachers and students in the future.