Colorado Poets Center E-Words Issue #4

A New Place to Submit Poems

The Colorado Poets Center has been making some connections with the Colorado Language Arts Society. Mike Wenk is the new editor of CLAS’s magazine Statement and has informed us he wants to invite Colorado poets to submit their work to Statement, “so that an audience of Colorado English teachers has a regular opportunity to consider the works of our state’s poets.”

His goal is to offer Colorado poets as “models for classroom writing” as well as “for teachers to enjoy when the grading is done” and the CPC welcomes this opportunity and hopes you can find some appropriate material for them. Understand a poem published in their teachers’ magazine has a good chance of getting read by a lot of students as well. Here is their submission request: “Statement, the journal of the Colorado Language Arts Society, is seeking expressive writing (poetry or prose) from Colorado teachers or published writers. Introducing teachers to Colorado writers is one of our primary goals; foster the mindset of teachers as writers is another important goal.
“The mission of Statement is to advance the teaching and learning of English Language Arts in Colorado. What makes our publication most relevant for our members is content which addresses the interests and issues of Colorado teachers.

Statement is published three times a year. Check the CLAS website at for information about themes and deadlines. Documents must be formatted in Word. Please direct all inquiries or submissions to the editor, Mike Wenk, at