Poems: The Log | The Yarn

The Log

from Unlucky Lucky Days
(Book 2, Inanimate Objects)
First Appeared in Sentence #5

Once upon a log, a human face was carved. All the more striking as it was carved by a chimp. He’d meant to carve his own face, but his use of tools was limited. Plus, accidents will happen, most always leading to things breaking. That was the chimp’s experience, anyway. Just look at how the protruding snout broke off here. And the prominent brow ridge, which was still in his hand.

The chimpanzee buried the brow ridge inside a termite mound where he had gone to look for food, but what interests us now is the log, which was not pleased.

It barked, “Don’t stop at the face, Panzee! Cut some fists and let’s see if you can take it like a man!"