Poems: The Log | The Yarn

The Yarn

from Unlucky Lucky Days
(Book 2, Inanimate Objects)
First Appeared in Sentence #5

A skein of yarn was unwound and wound in the shy hours before dawn. Yarn is naturally nocturnal and achieves locomotion by unwinding and then winding. This particular, purple skein would have been fifty yards end to end, had a bramble not caught and kept a long piece of its tail months before. Undomesticated yarn can live up to a year.

Frayed by so many grabbing hands (the rough textures it passed over), the aging yarn pulled itself along, searching for nothing in particular, as that is what yarns do, except the call of almost anyone at all.

“Tell us your tale,” a violin spider obliged from its loosely woven web.

The yarn stopped in its tracks and laid itself out, as that is how yarns tell their tales.

“Leaves one unsatisfied,” commented the sharp spider. "The ending is too abrupt."