Poetry Books:

  • On the Way (iUniverse 2016),
  • Realization Point (Poetic Matrix Press, 2011).
  • Cairns (iUniverse, 2013 – third edition). (First edition: Orchard House Press / Windstorm Creative, 2005). 


  • Humming to Lizards, Listening to Trees. Boulder: Yare Press, 1990. 
  • Map & Compass Work of the Spirit. Boulder: Yare Press, 1987.
  • Songs from Dream Canyon. Boulder: Yare Press, 1985.

In Anthologies: 

  • Peterson, J., Downs, J. & Milosch, J. (2017). So Many Voices. Lake Isabella, CA: Poetic Matrix Press.
  • Spring, C. & Manousos, A. eds. (2007). EarthLight: Spiritual Wisdom for an Ecological Age. Oakland, CA: Friends Bulletin Corp and EarthLight Corp. 
  • Adams, Cass, ed.(2002). The Soul Unearthed: Celebrating Wildness and Personal Renewal Through Nature.  Boulder: Sentient Publications.  (Originally published: New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1996). 


  • The Hoop and the Tree: A Compass for Finding a Deeper Relationship with All Life. San Francisco/Tulsa: Council Oak Books, 2000. 

Lyrics Recorded on CD

  • "Forbidden Love,"  (ASCAP)  Monkey Siren, Monkey Siren, Resounding Records #RRCD706. 
  • "Circle Home,"  (ASCAP)  Dance Crazy, Monkey Siren, Resounding Records #RRCD708. 

PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS in addition to poetry and The Hoop and the Tree:

  • Hoffman, C. (2007). Change mastery, simplified. OD Practitioner, Fall Vol. 39 No 4. 5-10.
  • Hoffman, C. (1999). The tree in the hoop: The shape of all shapes.  The Quest, November/December, 223-227.
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