Critical Commentary

On the Way (poetry)

Chris Hoffman voices an essential message for our time and he does so in a profound and beautiful way.  I live in a demanding noisy world but suddenly found myself stopping and closing my eyes and going beyond the words to the truth that lies behind them. There are not many authors who silence me so that I make the time to dive below the surface of my life to see what mystery lies in the depths. Relish this sumptuous meal but eat slowly dear friend for it is full of the finest ingredients.

– John Brierley author of the Camino Guides:
Practical and Mystical Manuals for the Modern Day Pilgrim

Realization Point (poetry)

A rich volume of poetry about life's flourishing. Roshi Joan Halifax

I especially enjoy the tone of the poems in Chris Hoffman's book, the union of his voice with the details and individual lives of his surroundings.” — Pattiann Rogers

A clear meditative voice that bridges the gap between our human lives and the healing spirit of nature. — Joseph Bruchac

Cairns (poetry – now in its third edition)

Every page of Cairns conveys the sacral, as revealed by the indwelling spirit of deserts, glacial fjords, kittiwakes, bald eagles, bears, and pine forests. —  Reg Saner, poet and essayist, winner of the Colorado Book Award

How did he ever get that much light into this small book?  Cairns is the kind of joy bears would want if they were human.  — Evan Hodkins, Director of the School of Alchemy

I take this book on the road with me, read the poems around sunrise and sunset, and feel both comforted and refreshed as I wander into wild places. Stephen R. Jones, author of The Last Prairie and The Peterson Field Guide to the North American Prairie

The Hoop & The Tree

(non-fiction: psychology/spirituality/native wisdom)

Integrating ecology, psychology, mythology, and the great wisdom traditions of the world, The Hoop and the Tree outlines the deep structure of wholeness in the universe that helps us lead lives of balance and fulfillment.

Therapeutic, enlightening, and a joy to read.  —The Bloomsbury Review