Chris Hoffman’s poems have been published in chapbooks, national journals, anthologies, and in his two books Cairns and Realization Point. He enjoys performing his work both solo and in collaboration with musicians and/or dancers. Chris is a longtime student of Zen and T’ai chi and is interested in traditional healing practices and sacred dance. He lives with his wife and son in a zone of ponderosa and sage woodland along the eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains by a tributary of the South Platte River.

Chris is also the author of the prose nonfiction book The Hoop and the Tree, about the deep structure of psychological and spiritual wholeness that helps us lead lives of balance and fulfillment. The Bloomsbury Review called it “therapeutic, enlightening, and a joy to read.” Chris has taught an ecopsychology course at Naropa University based in part on his book.

Chris works as an organization consultant with the interpersonal aspects of doing business: making teams more effective, building alignment for positive futures, and resolving difficult issues. He also coaches leaders for success.

He brings to his work a unique combination of business and psychological expertise, including systems analysis, behavioral science training, and twenty-three years experience consulting within a Fortune 500 energy utility, plus an MBA and a Masters degree in counseling psychology and basic understanding of information systems and electronics. He likes to work with individuals and organizations that are trying to make the world a better place…more environmentally sustainable, more socially just, more spiritually fulfilling.