Books Authored

  • Eyes of the Cuervo/Ojos del Crow—a limited, illustrated, signed & numbered bilingual edition (Harmony Hill Books, 2018)
  • The World As Is: News & Selected Poems, 1972-2015 (New York Quarterly Books, 2016)
  • Ephemeral, flash fictions by Miguel Lupián, translated from the Spanish (Folded Word Chapbooks, 2015)
  • Bed of Coals (FutureCycle Press, January 2014), updated paperback edition of the Colorado Poetry Award-winning collection published only in hardback in 1995
  • Marked Men (Turning Point Books, July 2013), a full-length collection of poems
  • The Earth-Boat (Folded Word Press, 2012), a chapbook of poems
  • Thread of the Real (Conundrum Press, 2012), a full-length collection of poems
  • Sentences (Pudding House Publications, 2003), a chapbook of poems
  • Greatest Hits: 1970-2000 (Pudding House Publications, 2003), Number 171 in the Greatest Hits Series.
  • The Rain At Midnight (Sherman Asher Publishing, 2000), a full-length collection of poems; Colorado Book Award finalist in 2001.
  • The Heart Inside the Heart (Wayland Press, 1999), a chapbook of poems.
  • Bed of Coals (University of Colorado Press, 1995), a full-length collection of poems. Winner of the 1994 Colorado Poetry Award, selected by Wanda Coleman; Colorado Book Award finalist in 1995.
  • House of Mirrors (James Andrews & Co., Inc., 1992), a full-length collection of poems.
  • Sweet Nothing Noise (Wayland Press, 1991), a chapbook of poems.
  • Wandering Music (Juniper Press, 1991), a chapbook of poems.
  • The Undersides of Leaves (Wayland Press, 1985), a full-length collection of poems.
  • Thirst (Juniper Press, 1984), a chapbook of poems.
  • Shadow-Light (Judy Anderson, 1982), a chapbook of poems selected by Arizona poet Richard Shelton as the 1982 Colorado Governor’s Award volume.
  • Weathers, Vistas, Houses, Dust (Juniper Press, 1980), a chapbook of poems.


  • Editor, Legions of the Sun: Poems of the Great War (Harmony Hill Books, 2018), an anthology.
  • Co-Editor, Malala: Poems for Malala Yousafzai (FutureCycle Press, August 2013), anthology of poems honoring Malala Yousafzai, proceeds from which are donated to the Malala Fund for women’s education worldwide
  • Co-Editor, A Song for Occupations: Poems About the American Way of Work (Wayland Press, 1991), an anthology.