Growing up in an abusive family, I wrote poetry, prose, plays and essays, to escape the world I was living in.  The act of writing gave me hope and rereading my own words was comforting and inspiring to me.  As I grew up and shared what I wrote with other people, I was told that my writings are amazing and have given people hope, inspiration and validation.

I have been interviewed for numerous newspapers, radio shows and television and have received much critical acclaim.  I have also been invited to tour my autobiographical play "An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night" coast to coast in the United States and Canada.  The video of it is available at

My book "Poetry for All Those Breathing" is in its eighth printing and has inspired others to go past their writer's block and write again.  More of my poetry and my book are at

I am currently performing and touring my improv poetry. 

"Laugh, be moved and experience spontaneous word craftsmanship!  Amy Marschak, The Improv Poet, has the creativity and courage to bring a poem to life using word(s) or phrase(s) provided by the audience.  Come on by, bring your suggestions, and right before your very eyes (and ears) a unique, unexpected, improvised poetry performance will appear."

I am available to perform improv poetry at events, to lead poetry workshops and do personal poetry and performance coaching.  Two of my poetry workshops are"Writing Poetry: Letting It Be Easy" and "How to Perform A Poem With Vibrance".   As an NYU graduate, I can use my acting, writing and improv experience to customize the perfect workshop for your event.  For more Information about my improv poetry go to  

Questions? Contact Amy Marschak at or call 1-800-810-8802