Readings / Workshop Availability

My poetry performances entertain people at conferences, events, weddings and holiday parties, creating moments of laughter, smiles and sometimes tears (depending on the event). Each person gets their own personalized improvised poem. Improv Poet information at or weddings at

I would like to joyfully mention that Santa named me as his official poet, The North Pole Poet Laureate, so during the holidays my duties include telling stories about my experiences at the North Pole, delivering presents, posing for pictures and of course spreading rhyming Christmas cheer through improvised poetry. I do everything Santa does plus poetry.

I also lead interactive workshops, so everyone can have their own personal experiences and “aha” moments. Two of my poetry workshops are “Writing Poetry: Letting It Be Easy” and “How to Perform A Poem With Vibrance”. In addition to those workshops you can request a customized workshop for your event. For more speaker and workshop information go to

After studying theatre in New York City and Paris, France, I have performed and keynoted at conferences, lead workshops and performed at universities, high schools, festivals, parties and at other venues around the United States and Canada.

So let’s chat about how I can help make your next event (holiday or non-holiday) be even more amazing contact me at or 1-800-810-8802