Critical Commentary

Reviews for Book "Poetry for All Those Breathing"

"These are some of the high-quality books we've received in the past few months:

Poetry for All Those Breathing by Amy Marschak...

Marschak, a Boulder-based poet and playwright, is an incest survivor who has used her tragedy to examine that difficult topic for both herself and her readers.

"I think that we are unstoppable when we are honest with our emotions," she writes...In this collection of brief verse, she honestly, often painfully, explores a terrible legacy...Yet she also finds faint rays of hope..." -Daily Camera

"I just finished re-reading your poems 'Poetry for All Those Breathing' for the fourth time since I bought is a fantastic collection..." Michael T., Boulder, CO

"I am deeply touched by your collection of poetry entitled 'Poetry for All Those Breathing'..." Anne Doherty, Chicago, IL

"I read your poetry book and was completely taken by what you wrote...Reading your poetry book was like looking inside myself...I keep your book by my nightstand. I read it at night. I read it as a bible, I read it as a form of serenity, I read it as a form of understanding, it is my companion when I feel alone." Stacy R., Winnipeg, MB

"I stumbled across your book 'Poetry for All Those Breathing and I was instantly hooked...I felt like someone gotten a hold of my journal and published it. I loved it! " Amy F., Wheaton, IL

"Your poems are exceptional- you have a very special talent. I have read a lot of survivor poetry - yours is universal and will touch everyone..." Lynne Finney, Author of "Reach for the Rainbow" Park City, UT

"Thanks so much for your wonderful book of poems. I've read it, related to it and will reread it again soon. It's so heart felt, sensitive and true..." William A. Schwartz, Santa Monica, CA

"I thought of your performance and thoughts from your book many times. Very special insights..." Robin

"I love the book and keep it at my desk at work." Georgia G., Seattle, WA

"I really enjoyed your poetry book. I related in some instances and on others I was simply made to think a bit..." Dan

"I sat down to read a few poems out of your poetry book and I couldn't put it down...(I have) a poet friend, Leslie. I showed her your book and she made me loan it to her..." Becky Mate, The Reader’s Writer, Glendale, CA

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Reviews for Play "An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night"

"Absolutely brilliant, touching and a healing piece of theatre." -Rob Becker, "Defending the Caveman"

"Brilliant! I had a lump in my throat the entire time." -Sunday Telegraph

"Strong accessible presence and charismatic grace..." -Back Stage West

"This play is a gift in all respects" -Vue Magazine

"Marschak play on sexual abuse opens the doors to healing, recovery” – Leslie Brefeld, Summit Daily News

"A moving testament of hope for survivors of incest” -Richard Helm, Edmonton Journal

Held-over at Edmonton Fringe Festival
Extended into 4th Month in Los Angeles
Toured UCLA, USC and the University of Colorado
Highest Attended Drama at Festivals

Questions? Contact Amy Marschak at or call 1-800-810-8802