• Poetry for All Those Breathing, Human Theatre Company, 8th Printing available at
    • “I read your poetry book and was completely taken by what you wrote Reading your poetry book was like looking inside myself…I keep your book by my nightstand. I read it at night. I read it as a bible, I read it as a form of serenity, I read it as a form of understanding, it is my companion when I feel alone.”-Stacy R., Winnipeg, MB
    • “I sat down to read a few poems out of your poetry book and I couldn’t put it down….(I have) a poet friend, Leslie. I showed her your book and she made me loan it to her…” -Becky Mate, The Reader’s Writer, Glendale, CA
  • An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night, (DVD & Download) Human Theatre Company available at
    • A play about secrets, so well hidden, so intense, the best way to keep them is…to forget.
    • “Absolutely brilliant, touching and a healing piece of theatre.” -Rob Becker, “Defending the Caveman”
    • “Brilliant! Excellent acting!  I had a lump in my throat the entire time.” -Sunday Telegraph
    • “Strong accessible presence and charismatic grace…” -Edward Shapiro, Back Stage West
    • “This play is a gift in all respects” -Jessica Lim, Vue Magazine
    • “Marschak play on sexual abuse opens the doors to healing, recovery” – Leslie Brefeld, Summit Daily News
    • “A moving testament of hope for survivors of incest” -Richard Helm, Edmonton Journal
  • An Angel Cried A Tear Last Night, (script) Human Theatre Company, 4th Printing (Also toured USA and Canada) available at
    (See description above)
  • Angels And Other Love Stories: A Romantic Dinner Comedy (script), Human Theatre Company, 2nd Printing available at
    • Picture yourself at a banquet, each bite of food, so amazing, it's like a meditation.  Not only do you get the most incredible chocolate truffle cake and tantalizing meats with exotic sauces (if you still are a carnivore) but you also come to find that many of the tables around you are actually the stage and the girl who walks in screaming for the Valentine's dinner is actually Ruby Munsen, who is about to break up with her boyfriend, Matt, of five years over an internet squabble. Then they will both proceed hell.  This dating hell will be narrated by Henry and Harriet, Ruby's grandparents who have been married longer than anyone can seem to remember.
  • Tears from my Heart: A Memorial to Lost Works, (Play produced by Human Theatre Company toured USA and Canada)
    • A play that was written as a memorial to thousands of pages of Amy Marschak's writings that were destroyed when she was studying in Paris. 
  • Ask Me How I Feel (Play produced by Human Theatre Company toured USA)
    • A play about people's journeys back to their emotions.
  • The Subway, (Play produced by NYU in Paris)
    • The New York City Subway; a place to ignore everything?  Or a place for chance meetings?  Explore what can happen on your next subway ride but beware, it may not be what you expect.
  • Freelance Journalist - Boulder Weekly, Summit Daily

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